Is This Heaven?


“Is This Heaven?” is the most complete telling of Pete Hill's life and storied baseball career in the Negro leagues. It's a full length documentary that will shed light on an amazing ballplayer whose talents are largely unknown and the intriguing posthumous story surrounding him. The film investigates the possible disturbance of his grave at Burr Oak Cemetery while watching on as historians look for his final resting place elsewhere. More layers to Pete Hill's story come to the forefront as further research uncovers errors on his National Baseball Hall of Fame plaque and the process of correcting it begins.

The film is currently running about 1 hour and 15 minutes long and consists of many interviews with Pete Hill’s descendants, as well as historians with knowledge about Pete Hill, the Negro leagues, the players, owners, fans, franchises, etc.

"Is This Heaven?" is about the importance of documenting history and its value. If our history is not learned and retold, then it will be lost forever. The forgotten legends of America's pastime, like Pete Hill, are an example of such importance.