Current, Part Four

It was the same sirens used throughout the Midwest to signal tornados and flood warnings. Most of the time, people only heard them on the first Tuesday of every month when the sirens are tested, but this was not the case today. Next, car alarms started blaring; then cell phones starting ringing with no one on the other end. As far as the eye could see, people were coming out of their houses, confused and stunned. Olivia slowly put a hand on Ella’s shoulder and grasped her protectively to let her know that if something should happen, she’d be there to protect her.

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Current, Part Three

“If you don’t mind, I don’t really want to talk about fighting.” Olivia said with a shrug.

    “That’s perfectly all right. What would you like to talk about?” Dr. Bradley asked.

    “Well… not fighting. I’m thinking about walking away from it.”

    “From active duty, you mean?”

    “Yeah, my time is up. Why not start a new chapter in my life?”

    This came as a surprise to Dr. Bradley. Her drive to rise through the ranks was one of the few constants in Olivia’s life; it was something he had often pointed to during her treatment.

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Current, Part Two

    Olivia had set out to sleep in, but was interrupted by the sound of bells and horns going past her second story apartment on the street below. The frustration finally became too much and she sat up, looking out the window to see what was making all the racket. It was one of those group bike rides, probably raising awareness for some cause. She had seen these a few times before; they take over the street like it’s a parade and make as much noise as possible so everyone looks out their windows and reads their banners. Olivia dropped back on the mattress with a thud and calmed her nerves. She didn’t really mind being woken up, she was just glad the cyclists had their clothes on.

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Current, Part One

 When humans finally made contact with alien life, it wasn’t at all what had been advertised. For decades, possibly centuries, we had speculated little green men touching down on the Earth’s surface with flashing lights and resonating sounds. The usual tropes played out in novels, comics, radio programs, movies, and every other storytelling medium again and again. But when an unidentified flying object was detected hovering over one of Earth’s major cities, possibly the most talked about aspect of the incredible event was that it wasn’t happening in New York City’s Central Park.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Fourteen

 I rushed to the time machine house as quickly as I could. I was filled with anger, fear, and all the other things that lead to the dark side.

    “Rachel Lynn!” I shouted repeatedly to the second story as I arrived.

    The neighbors heard the commotion and began trickling out of their homes to get a look at the source. I had no time for pleasantries... or for behaving in a way that wouldn’t cause a scene. At the stroke of midnight I would be stuck in this bizarre world, and Rachel Lynn was evidently the culprit that brought me here.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Thirteen

  I had never told James about things going south with Rachel Lynn and was too hungry to get into it at that moment. I needed to get to the Main Street Diner for some real food.

    When I walked in, I took a deep breath of that smoky diner air. Everyone had cigarettes on them in that place; it  made me a little homesick for the Lower Wacker bar. I took a seat at my usual booth -and by “usual” I mean that one other time I had been there- and perused the menu. That’s when my old friend, the evil Marjorie, approached to wipe down the perfectly clean table with her disgusting rag. I looked down as she dirtied the surface, then up at the more stable of her eyes.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Twelve

  I stormed into the station that morning with the intention of grabbing everyone’s attention and making my announcement. Who would have thought that a guy carrying a box of dynamite into a federal building would cause so much excitement? I was walking in, whooping and hollering about Agent Baumen being a fraud, when I was blindsided by an agent tackling me to the floor.

    Before I knew it, I found myself in handcuffs, being taken to a cell.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Eleven

“I’m no commie! You’re a commie!” I shouted.

    “Then explain to me - Mr. Klugman, is it? Why we can’t find anything on your whereabouts… ever!?” Dr. Zake demanded.

    “Oh, I can explain that.”

    “You’ve been off the grid, haven’t ya?” Interrupted Agent Baumen, “Hopping borders and using aliases for… must be years now.”

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Ten

    “The feds?”

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I stiffened up and leaned over to James. “As your family detective, I feel I should warn you that this is serious.”

    “Thanks, Jack.” He said, rolling his eyes.

    The man in black was a hulking brute of a man, with more chins than George Lucas; any thoughts of making a break for it were quickly forgotten at the sight of his giant sausage fingers, and the potential of them being wrapped around my neck. He commanded a room and it wasn’t only because of his size, his voice burst like a shotgun, calling everyone to attention.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Nine

I squeezed through the fence and navigated the tall grass like a lion stalking a gazelle. Attempting to get the best vantage point, I somersaulted about with grace and ease, while at the same time being careful to not get too close. The inside looked exceptionally clean; not like James’s lab, that place was a dump compared to this. It looked like the future, but it was in the past. Everything was either white or chrome; the instruments and machines were all new. I wondered how Dr. Zake was able to finance such a fancy joint, as well as how he had gotten his hands on technology that I was pretty sure hadn’t been invented yet.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Eight

“What’s better than a jet pack?” I asked, exuberantly.

    “Oh, it’s a flight machine, but it doesn't burn fuel how you might think. Let me show you.”

    James took the shiny, chrome pack off and began pointing out features.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Seven

  “I don’t know, Jack. What are you trying to accomplish?” Rachel Lynn asked.

    “I’m doing what you said,” I announced. I stepped in close to her, “I need to move on from being the Six-Minute Man, and then I can go home.”

    “You want to go home now?”

    She sounded surprised; I expected as much.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Six

The revelation of getting a ride from a dead woman had thrown me off my game. I knew I wouldn’t be focused on the job, so I decided to hold off for now. It just didn’t seem right to move on so quickly; I was in mourning for Pete’s sake! I walked around until the sun came up and I noticed that the Main Street Diner was open. A healthy breakfast sounded good after all the excitement.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Five

They say the sun never sets on the British Empire. I have my own theory as to why they wanted it that way; they were afraid of the dark. Not me, though. A good cat burglar has to be perfectly at home in the dark. You have to move quietly, quickly, with precision. My trick is to close my eyes real hard and slowly count to ten. The eyes calibrate, and I’m free to move about the shadows.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Four

The way I figured, if these people were as wealthy as Rachel Lynn said they were, it could be a big score. It would certainly put me on the map in my new time of residence. Trailing the couple gave me my first look at the city. They sure had a lot of classic cars in 1940; good condition too. It wasn’t hard to keep up with James and Linda; the city moved at a more relaxed pace. I finally saw the two pull into what could only be described as a compound. There were brick walls with spiked rods on top surrounding the whole property, and a large, ornate gate at the driveway entrance. Looking past that, I could see a sprawling house with balconies and gables jutting out left and right, and there looked to be a guesthouse off in the back corner of the property.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Three

    “What are you doing here?” I shouted.

She looked completely different than the way she looked that night at the bar, almost impossible to recognize. Instead of a belly shirt and jeans, she was wearing vintage clothes, like the people outside. She had jewelry on. Expensive stuff. Pearls and everything.

“You’ve been selected.” Rachel Lynn said calmly.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: Two

The first day of a stakeout is very exciting; the mind runs wild with possibilities. You have to pay attention to people’s schedules to figure out the best time of day to break in. It’s not just the people in that house either, you gotta note when the neighbors are gone too. People don’t realize, a lot of burglaries happen in the middle of the day because all these suckers are off making money at their jobs.

    Buncha suckers.

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The Six-Minute Man Part: One

There’s this bar on Lower Wacker… good crab cakes. It’s not real crab but the way they put it in a cake is good. If you’ve never seen the part of a city where the streets are stacked one on top of each other, if you’ve never taken a stroll on the lower level, you might consider yourself lucky. The warm, stale air breeds germs… a perfect place for a certain breed of homeless called mole people. They haven’t seen the light of day in who knows how long and they don’t seem to mind.

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